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During its 110 years of operation, Graboplast has become a leading special floor manufacturing company. The Hungarian owned group of companies has four factories at three sites in Győr, Kecskemét and Tatabánya, and more than 90% of its business is for international markets.

Graboplast’s products are made with leading edge technologies, which are delivered to more than 100 countries in five continents.  Employing over 650 people in Hungary, we strive for perfection in customer service and product quality.

The group of products made by Graboplast has significantly changed during the recent decade, and now the Company concentrates on developing special floors with high added values such as institutional, show, sports and vehicle floors in addition to the manufacture of residential floors.

We offer the highest quality to meet every demand and remain competitive.
The key to be in business for over 110 is adaptability, innovation and hard work.

Partner with us and get familiar with the continuously expanding portfolior of our world class products!

Péter Jancsó


Factory History

Our company is a prominent organization in the city of Győr and has played a key role in the industrial sector of Hungary for over 110 years.   We have faced many challenges and obstacles throughout the years but have managed to overcome these with a solid business model.

During our history, we have managed to navigate through uncertain times by the unique quality of our products and the commitment of our employees, including the two World Wars, the global economic crisis and various political and social turbulences.

The current status of Graboplast Zrt. shows that the company has been flourishing over the years, and its success and development cannot be doubted.

Today’s strategy of the company relies on growth, competitiveness, compliance with EU requirements and overcome world market challenges.

1905 Miksa Grab and his sons founded the factory for the manufacturing of dowlas, wax cloth and linoleum flooring
1923 Foundation of Grab Textilipari Rt.
1948-50 Nationalisation. Merge of the former Grab factories, new name: Pamutszövő- és Műbőrgyár
1959 First large-scale investment, establishment of PVC foam imitation leather
1961 Establishing floor carpet manufacturing
1969-72 Registration of Grabona trademark. Use of Graboplast name
Large scale investment programme: new imitation leather plant, dressing plant
New development purpose: vlies manufacturing
1980 Foundation of companies, establishment of Grabo company group
1988 Foundation of companies, establishment of Grabo company group
1989 Initiation of own foreign trade
1990 Foundation of Graboplast Textil- és Műbőrgyártó Részvénytársaság with 30% West-European capital
1991 Reorganisation of the company as a whole, establishment of profit and cost centres.
Establishment of a fully owned subsidiary: Grabotext Kft.
1994 Introduction to the stock exchange
1995 Increase of equity, purchase of SOTEX Rt., UNIONTEXT Kft.
1996 Foundation of GRABO Kft. and initiation of the HOLDING activity
Acquisition of wallpaper factory of Kesztölc
Increase of equity
1997 Foundation of Grabetta-Keszta Kft.
(Wallpaper manufacture in Győr and Kesztölc).
Acquisition of the Parquet Factory of Kecskemét.
Introduction of the Graboplast shares in Luxembourg. Initiation of GDR-sales Increase of equity
1998 Foundation of Grabofloor Kft. (manufacture of 4 m wide CV floorings in Tatabánya). Financial losses, changes in the Russian market
1999 Stabilisation
Development of a new strategy
2000 Green field parquet production line investment in Kecskemét
Uniontext Kft. Sale of its share of 74.9%
Acquisition of 25.1% share of Wallis Rt. in Graboplast Rt.
2001 Graboplast leaves the stock exchange, Wallis Rt is its majority owner via ABC Befektetési Rt.
2002 Grabetta-Keszta Kft. engaged in wall paper manufacturing and Grabotext Kft. engaged in vlies manufacturing are merged into Grabo Kft.
2004 Capacity increase investment in Tatabánya
2005 Capacity increase investment in Kecskemét
Graboplast is 100 years old
2006 Merge of company group: the subsidiaries (Grabo Kft., Grabofloor Kft., Graboparkett Kft., Gif Kft) are merged into Graboplast zRt.
2008 Establishment of a new mixing plant
2013 The new waste recycling investment amounting to more than HUF 800 million is completed in Tatabánya
2014 Graboplast obtains new image
2015 Initiation of the Design floor factory investment in Tatabánya
2016 Manufacture of products based on PVC melt technology in the Design floor factory Expansion of the parquet factory in Kecskemét
2019 Modernisation of surface treatment in Győr
2021 Initiation of GrabIt 2021-25 strategy
2022 SPC manufacturing line investment in Tatabánya

Details of the company

General overview

Chief Executive Officer:


László Ivan

Péter Jancsó

Address: Hungary – 9023 Győr, Fehérvári út 16/b.
Staff:: 550 fő
Quality management: MSZ EN ISO 9001
Environment management: MSZ EN ISO 14001
Scope of activities: Manufacture and sales of indoor/outdoor floorings
Scope of activities:

Győr -commercial, sports, vehicle industrial and show floorings

Tatabánya -LVT, homogeneous and heterogeneous commercial floorings, residential PVC floorings

Kecskemét – residential and sports parquets